Using Wilt Pruf

Using Wilt Pruf

How to Use Wilt Pruf

Why Wilt Pruf?

Wilt Pruf helps protect evergreens from drying out over the winter months

When To Apply:

Wait until late fall (typically Mid-Late November) when there is no more new growth emerging!

Dilution and Mixing:

Evergreen protection 1:5 (1 Part Wilt Pruf to 5 parts water)

Add Wilt Pruf to warm water, and stir the solution. (Remember to shake the Wilt Pruf container PRIOR to measuring out, as product separates.)


May be applied with a pump sprayer.  Hose attachments do not provide enough pressure to keep solution mixed. Wash the sprayers with warm water and detergent after application.

Apply when temperatures are consistently in the 40s. Allow 2-3 hours of drying time before dusk.

When spraying, wet all foliage including undersides, until foliage begins to drip.

Add 1 part Liquid Fence Concentrate for Deer protection!

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