Frequent Questions

Where is the store located?
The Garden Factory® is located at 2126 Buffalo Road in Gates, ¼ mile East of Route 490 (exit 7A). Click here to get directions.
What are the store hours?
Our store hours vary based on the season; please click here for current store hours.
Will you deliver trees & shrubs?
We do offer Garden Factory® delivery for all plant material (annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, trees, shrubs, berries, etc.). The charge for delivery is based on your zip code, more info can be found here.
What else can I have delivered?
Besides plant material, we offer Garden Factory® delivery of grills, patio stone, edging, and bagged items. More info on Garden Factory® delivery can be found here.
What are your bulk delivery policies?

Bulk Delivery FAQs

When will my bulk product arrive?
We do not set specific times when bulk deliveries are going to be made, you can check our website, put in your zip code for your delivery day

Will the driver call when he’s on his way?
Drivers generally do not call ahead unless they have a question about your delivery or dump location

Can I change my delivery?
Any changes or cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the day the delivery is scheduled.

Do I have to home to accept my delivery?
No, as long as you have clearly stated a dump location on your delivery instructions the driver will dump your product where you have indicated

When should I take the day off or schedule a landscaper to come to spread my bulk product?
It is best not to schedule to take the day off or schedule a landscaper the same day as your bulk product is being delivered as we can not guarantee what time it will arrive. Schedule a landscaper for the next day to do the job, or take the day off after the product has been delivered.

If it is raining, will they still bring my Top Soil?
We will call you first to either make other arrangements to possibly deliver on your top soil another day, or if you still want it delivered, place a tarp in the driveway where you want it dumped and we will dump it on the tarp, or cover the soil with the tarp for you

Will you dump my bulk product in the grass, lawn or an un-paved surface?
Due to weight of bulk materials and trucks we must stay on black topped surfaces

If I have under estimated how much bulk product I needed, do you charge another delivery fee?
Yes, Independent Contractors do our deliveries and they require another fee

How late do you deliver until?
In the month of May, the drivers may be out until sometimes 9:00 pm Monday through Friday, but normal bulk delivery hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

My bulk stone looks dirty, what do I do?
Simply wash it off with water, it is stone dust and will look cleaner once washed

My colored enhanced bulk mulch looks like it ran, will it stain?
It should not stain, it is made with a water based coloring and should easily clean up with a mild soapy water mix.

What is the yellowish -fungi growing out of my mulch?
Mulch is ground wood, a natural product. When it is too moist and doesn’t dry out, this occurs. Simply turn it over with a rake and air it out, it should dissipate over night.

If you have a further problems, questions or comments, e-mail us, call us before your product is spread or landscaped 585.247.6236.

Will you deliver bulk mulch, stone, topsoil and compost?
We do offer bulk delivery for all of our bulk products. The charge for delivery is based on your zip code and the amount of product you wish to have delivered (weight carried by truck is limited by DOT regulations). More information on bulk delivery can be found here.
How much bulk mulch, stone, topsoil or compost will fit in my pickup truck?
Trucks with a 6 ft bed can hold approximately 1 ½ yards of mulch, topsoil or compost. Trucks with an 8 ft bed can hold approximately 2 yards of mulch, topsoil or compost. Due to the weight of stone, most trucks can only carry about ½ yard of stone, which is approximately 1,200 – 1,300 lbs.
Do you offer a landscaping service, landscaping design or landscape planning?
While you are here, our Nursery staff will be happy to help you pick out plants for small foundation plantings. For larger scale Landscape Design Plans, The Garden Factory® and Fossil Rock Landscape have teamed up to offer a Landscape Design Service. Fossil Rock Landscape is a full service Landscape and Design Company located here in Rochester, NY. We offer both in store and on site design services to best suit your needs. For more information and pricing, stop by our Customer Service Desk.
Do you have a senior citizen discount?
We offer a 10% discount for citizens over 60 years of age every Wednesday. This discount does not apply to the purchase of gift cards, grills, or bulk products, nor can it be applied to delivery fees. This discount does not apply to sale items. Cashiers will not ask if a customer is a Senior Citizen, so it is the customer's responsibility to present valid ID and ensure the discount is applied. Claims regarding Senior Citizen Discounts must be made before leaving the store.
I think my plant has a disease or an insect problem, what can I do?
The Garden Factory® staff would be happy to help you identify what is causing your plant’s problem. Please bring in a large sample of the affected plant, or a sample of the insect you think may be causing the problem. Our customer service staff is very adept at insect and disease identification and can help you determine treatment if needed. If you have any questions about this service, please contact customer service at 585-247-6236.
The annual, perennial, or houseplant that I purchased has died, what can I do?
These items are not guaranteed and cannot be returned. The Garden Factory® staff would be happy to help you determine why the plant has died to prevent further problems. If you think your plant is doing poorly, we may be able to help you save it before it is too late. Please contact our customer service staff at 585-247-6236.
What is your return policy?
Our return policy for store merchandise can be found here.

Our return policy for nursery stock can be found here.
Do you hold product?
Due to the large volume of requests we get to hold items, we can only hold a product that has been paid for.
What is fruit tree pollination?

Fruit Tree Pollination Chart

What exactly is pollination?

Cross-pollination: The transfer of pollen between two different species or varieties
Self-pollination: The transfer of pollen within a single plant or among several plants of the same variety
Self-unfruitful or self-sterile: Plants in which very little fruit will set
Self-fruitful: Varieties that will not set fruit with their own pollen
Cross unfruitful: Varieties that will not set fruit even when cross-pollinated
Intersterile: Neither of two varieties will fertilize the other
Pollinator: An agent (bees, insects, people) of pollen transfer
Pollinizer: The plant species or variety that produces the pollen

Apples -Need another variety as a pollinator. Pollinator must bloom at approximately the same time.

Apricot -No pollinator needed

Blackberries -No pollinator needed

Blueberries -Need another variety as a pollinator

Boysenberries -No pollinator needed

Cherries, Sour -No pollinator needed

Cherries, Sweet -Need another variety as a pollinator

Currants -No pollinator needed

Grapes -No pollinator needed

Gooseberries -No pollinator needed

Nectarine -No pollinator needed

Raspberries -No pollinator needed

Peaches -No pollinator needed

Pears -Need any other variety as a pollinator

Plums & Prunes
Burbank, Santa Rosa, Shiro, Methley, Ozark Premier (Japanese) Need another Japanese pollinator
Superior, Toka (American) Need another American pollinator
Damson, Stanley (European) No pollinator needed, but a pollinator will increase the fruit produced.
Bluefre, Earliblue , Blue Ribbon (European) Need another pollinator Raspberries-No pollinator needed