Indoor Plant Care

Every houseplant is different. Some prefer sun, others shade, or even part sun or part shade! Think about the area in your home and what type of light you have before purchasing a plant. Be sure to purchase plants with established root systems, and stay away from those that look weathered or wilted. Also, check under leaves to make sure there is no insect problem.

We generally find that over or under-watering are the leading causes of plant death. For most houseplants, watering once a week is sufficient. Keep the soil moist, but not wet.

Houseplants like to be fertilized and re-potted during their growing season, which is from April through September. When re-potting, select a pot that is approximately 2" larger than the current pot. Be sure to purchase a good soiless mix to re-pot your houseplants in. During the winter months (October through March), indoor houseplants go dormant, requiring less water and no fertilizer.

Fertilizing your houseplants at least once a month (during the growing season) will keep them happy. Choosing a fertilizer can be difficult, as there are many different houseplant fertilizers ont he market today. There are many types customized for different plants - Orchids, Succulents, African Violets, etc. Choose the one that is specific to your plant, or simply use a general all-purpose houseplant food.

A common question about choosing fertilizer - what do the three numbers on the bag mean? These numbers indicate the amount of three nutrients that are essential for proper plant nutrition and growth. The first number is Nitrogen, the second number is Phosphorus, and the third number is Potassium (potash). Different plants require different ratios of these nutrients. Ask a greenhouse employee for further assistance in choosing the right fertilizer.

If your houseplant is showing signs of stress or illness, please bring in a sample of a leaf in a plastic bag to our Customer Service desk. We will be happy to diagnose the problem for you and recommend a solution to speed up your plant's recovery.

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