Animal Control

From moles & voles to deer, rabbits and insects. They nibble on our flowers, eat our vegetable gardens, dig up our bulbs, drill holes in our yards and chow through anything they can find when hungry. We are here to help find a humane solution to your animal problem - besides moving away! We have a whole aisle dedicated to animal repellents, with experienced employees here to asist you in choosing the best product for your situation. Our products are listed below, with the repellent type next to them.

Animal Control
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  • Liquid Fence - RTU Spray & Liquid (Odor & Taste)
  • Shot Gun Repels All - RTU, Liquid & Granules (Odor & Taste)
  • Milorganite - Fertilizer (Odor)
  • Fencing & Netting - Physical Barrier (Tactile)
  • Tree Guard - RTU Spray & Concentrate (Odor & Taste)
  • Bonide Go Away Deer & Rabbit - RTU Spray (Odor)
  • Bonide Repels All - Granules (Odor)
  • Shake Away Deer Repellent - Granules (Odor)
  • Bonide Repels All Animal Repellent- RTU Sprays, Liquids & Granules  (Touch, Taste, Smell)
  • Tom Cat Deer Repellent Liquids (Odor)
  • Dalen's Natural Enemy - Plastic Snake or Owl (Tactile)
  • Repellex Deer & Rabbit Repellent (Taste & Smell)
  • Shake Away - Granules (Odor)
  • Liquid Fence (Odor)
  • Dried Blood - Powder (Odor)
  • Havahart Traps - Metal Trap (Catch 'em Alive Trap)
  • Shake-Away Critter Repellent Granules (Odor)
  • Bonide Repels All Animal Repellent-RTU Sprays, Liquids, & Granules (Touch, Taste, Smell)

Moles & Voles
  • Bonide Mole & Gopher Repellent (Odor)
  • Giant Destroyer Rodent Gasser - 2oz Cartridge (Odor)
  • Moletox II
  • Bonide Mole Max Mole & Vole Repellent
  • Bonide Revenge Mole & Gopher Gasser
Mice & Rats
  • Shake-Away Mouse Repellent Packs (Odor)
  • Shake-Away Rodent Repellent Granules (Odor)
  • Ortho® Home Defense Max- Mouse Traps
  • Bonide Mouse Magic Repellent (Repels)
  • d-Con Kills Rats & Mice (Tactical & Taste)
  • Rat Traps (Tactical)

  • Bonide Repels-All Animal Repellent –RTU Sprays, Liquids, & Granules (Touch, Taste, Smell)
  • Tom Cat Animal Repellent Liquids (Odor)
Cats & Dogs
  • Bonide Rabbit, Dog, Cat Repellent Granules (Odor)

  • Liquid Fence Snake Repellent-RTU Spray (Odor)
  • Dr. T’s Snake-A-Way Granules (Odor)
  • Tanglefoot Bird Repellent (Odor)
  • Scarecrow Owl
  • Scarecrow Rotating Owl Head
  • Bird-B-Gone Hawk

  • Bonide Bat Magic Bat Repellent (Repels)
  • Liquid Fence Goose Repellent-RTU Spray (Odor)

  • Bonide Granular Ant Bait-RTU
  • Bonide Ant Killer Dust-RTU
  • Ortho® Home Defense Max Ant Baits
  • Mosquito Dunks
  • Mosquito Bits

Stink Bugs
  • Bonide Stink Bug Trap
  • Harris Stink Bug Killer-RTU
  • Rescue Stink Bug Light
  • Rescue Stink Bug Trap
  • Stink Bug Attractant
Fly & Wasps
  • Yellow Jacket/Wasp Traps
  • Japanese Beetle Traps
  • Hanging Glass Wasp Traps
  • Fly Tape
  • Fly Catcher Ribbons
  • Sticky Fly Tape
  • Bulk Fly Tape