The Train Through the Years:

The renowned Garden Factory® model train display opens for business the day after Thanksgiving and will run its daily rounds until December 31st. Built to “G” gauge, which is roughly half-an-inch per foot, the model train display is over 60 feet long and almost 20 feet wide, an enormous exhibit of artistic talents.

Come on in and marvel at the craftsmanship involved. Stored over the course of the year in eight sections, it takes over 100 hours to move, assemble, and fine tune to get it ready for holiday viewing. The original railroad and the major modifications are the work of two local train enthusiasts, Peter Todd and David Rouse, both of whom have worked on major train projects in the Rochester area. It currently features three trolleys and four full trains, so long that there are over 100 train cars in all. With so much space, with so much attention paid to the details, you’re sure to spend hours, perhaps even days, taking it all in.

Unfortunately, Peter passed away on September 9, 2008, so simple repairs and maintenance were done until we could find replacements. Maintaining a train display of this magnitude and locating train enthusiasts in this area took us about 4 years. One local supplier went out of business and another retailer had a building fire. We relied on our new train engineers to give our display a long needed over-haul. In August of 2012, the display got a “face-lift”. Most of the display received new stainless steel track. Some of the scenes were completely torn down and re-built. New scenes include a gold mine, wind turbines, new garage scene with autos, gravel pit with real minerals and die cast vehicles, new street lights, and an updated drive-in. These are some of the updates that caused this train to reach its new potential.

Yearly wear and tear on engines, locomotives, trolleys, cabooses and railroad cars lead to replacements also. Most of them we try to repair ourselves, but some of them just had to be retired. So, we welcome all of you to come and see what we enjoy displaying for you each year. The placement of each piece has a meaning and a purpose in this display, so take your time and take it all in. From our family to yours, have a great and safe holiday season!