Welcome to the Garden Factory® pet boutique, Paws in the Garden. 


     Gifts for dogs and cats!  There are unique toys, such as a catnip-infused wrestling bags that are sure to delight your lively feline, a rag-doll flamingo without stuffing so that your dog doesn’t make a mess.

     But wait, there’s more than just toys.  Oh, is there is so much more!

     Browse our posh, gourmet dog treat bakery for cookie delicacies, cooked and fashioned so that you can hardly tell them from the real thing!  Baked and presented so that you may feed your dog like royalty, treats fit for a king!   It simply must be seen to be believed.

     But it’s not just for dogs and cats.  There are pet-oriented gifts for cat and dog lovers as well.  Have a friend who is into dogs?  How about an “Advice from a Labrador’ plaque?  Share your beloved dog’s simple yet suitable wisdom with everyone every time you snuggle up on the couch.  “Always run to greet the ones you love.”


     Are cats your fancy?  How about a clock that chimes with a different cat’s meow every hour?  Is that a Long-haired crème Persian I hear?  It must be noon!  That sounds like a Maine Coon; 6 o’clock!  Dinner time!  Four o’clock and it’s the Norwegian Forest Cat’s time to prowl.