Water Gardening

What better way to soothe your soul than to sit and relax by your very own bubbling stream, to close your eyes and listen to the water as it lightly falls a foot or two into your own pond?

We provide all manner of assistance for you when preparing to build, decorate, and enjoy your very own water garden through our extensive inventory of pumps, filters, liners, water plants, and even fish! There is something to be found for all, whether you are a seasoned pond veteran or building a pond for the first time, as our helpful employees are more than happy to show you the ropes, and help you measure out and plan the perfect pond for you.

Brands Carried Products Offered
Aquascape Pond Pumps
Danner Fish Care Products
Eco Lab Plant Foods
Firestone Pond Plants (Seasonal)
Mars Fish (Seasonal)
Microblift Pond Liners
Tetra Pond Filter Systems
  Pond Cleaners
  Barley Straw Extract/Pellets


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Water Gardening