Most disease and fungus problems are caused by temperature, moisture, water, light, nutrient and stress factors. Diagnosing a fungus or disease yourself can be tricky, we recommend bringing in a sample for us to diagnose at customer service. We will help make sure you get the proper fungicide for your lawn, tree, shrub or plant so you can remedy your problem quickly. Please follow all instructions on the product label for safe mixing and application.

  • Lawn Fungus Control - 10 lb bag covers 7,400 sq. ft.
  • Ortho Disease B Gon Dacinol Fungicide - Concentrate 16 oz
  • Ortho Disease B Gon Copper Fungicide - Concentrate 16 oz, RTU 32 oz
  • Ortho Rose Pride Insect Disease / Mite Control - Aerosol 14 oz
  • Ortho Rose Pride Rose & Shrub Disease Control

  • Moss & Algae Clean Away Multi Purpose - 32 oz

  • Rot Stop Tomato Blossom End Rot Stop Spray - 8 oz

  • Disease Control Natria Line - RTU 24 oz

  • Garden Safe Fungicide - Concentrate 20 oz
  • Fungicide - RTU 24 oz