Christmas Cactus:
  • Provide medium to high light.
  • Water when the top inch of the soil has become dry.
  • Do not over water.
  • When new growth appears to the spring fertilize every 3 weeks.
  • Your plant will naturally set bud and bloom as the days become shorter in the fall but they do need night temperatures of 55°F.
Christmas Cactus
Amaryllis Amaryllis:
  • Provide bright light.
  • Water when soil becomes fairly dry.
  • Rotate plant everyday to keep the flower stalk straight.
  • To extend the flowers bloom time, remove the pollen bearing stamens with tweezers and keep apples and bananas or other fading flowers away from the plant.
  • When flowers have faded cut the stalk off an inch from the bulb.
  • When the leaves start to yellow remove them, your bulb has gone dormant and needs a rest. The pot can be placed in an out off the way area now but has to be kept slightly moist. When you see a new flower bud poking up, several months later, begin fertilizing and return your plant to a sunny window to enjoy the blooms again.
Norfolk Pine:
  • Provide bright light. Rotate a quarter turn each week.
  • Fertilize when your plant is actively growing during the summer. Do not fertilize in the winter.
  • Water thoroughly when the top inch of the soil begins to feel dry. Do not let plants dry out, do not let them sit in water.
  • These plants prefer an atmosphere of 50% humidity or more.
Norfolk Pine
Cyclamen Cyclamen:
  • Provide bright indirect light.
  • Keep soil moist but not sodden.
  • Keep in a cool area no higher then 68°F during the day and about 55°F at night to prolong the bloom time.
  • Remove spent flowers and yellowing leaves with a gentle tug.
Potted Christmas Trees - Alberta & Colorado Spruce:
  • When you bring your tree home leave it outside.
  • Bring the tree into the garage one week before bringing into the house.
  • Leave the tree in the house for no longer then a week.
  • Return tree to the garage for one more week.
  • Plant your tree outside in a predug hole, the soil will be hard to dig after it is frozen, with some compost on hand as well as Holly Tone fertilizer. Be sure to mulch around your tree keeping mulch three inches away from the trunk.