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Handpicked For You - 3.28.18
Selecting plants you can trust!


Using Wilt Pruf - 10.24.17
Wilt Pruf helps prevent Evergreens from drying out during our harsh winter months


Apple Storage - 09.19.17
By storing them properly, you can enjoy crisp and flavorful apples for months!


Help Save the Butterflies - 07.14.15
The White House is creating a 1,500 mile "Butterfly Corridor" to help Monarchs get from Mexico to Minnesota, and you can help!


Designing Rain Gardens - 03.04.15
While rain gardens are a highly functional way to help protect water quality, they are also gardens and should be an attractive part of your yard and neighborhood. Think of the rain garden in the context of your home’s overall landscape design. Here are a few tips:


Beneficial bugs & Beautiful Gardens! - 02.26.15
How we use them to grow our annuals!

The term ‘Beneficial Bugs’ encompasses a wide variety of insects that assist farmers and gardeners with pollination and pest control. Here at the Garden Factory we use these beneficial bugs to help grow our annuals.


Better Herbs, Better Gardens - 01.06.15
Here are a few simple steps on how to become a better herb gardener. Nothing makes a gourmet dish tastier than fresh herbs added to it. There are a variety of fresh herbs that are easy to grow including Mint, Oregano, Basil, Cilantro, Rosemary, Thyme, and many others.


Winter Feeding For The Birds! - 12.29.14
Cold flurry days, and long brisk nights of winter can confine most birds, but some take pleasure in this time of year. One way to attract these feathered friends is through a natural food selection supplied by a bottomless feeder or a suet feeder. The bird species that attend your feeders in the winter are different than those that attend your feeder in the summer.


Getting Christmas Cactus to bloom for next Christmas - 12.10.14
To get Christmas Cactus to bloom for next Christmas it is important to cut the roots back for the new plants. When cutting this plant you should cut back to the second joint of each tip. Use these cuttings and place them in a moist peat and perlite mix or moist perlite. You should keep these cuttings damp but not too wet or they will rot. Once the cuttings have rooted, re-pot them with a good soil mixture and enjoy for next year!


Integrated Pest Management - 07.11.14
The Garden Factory is proud to operate expansive greenhouses on our property on Buffalo Road, where we are able to grow annuals, perennials and vegetables for our customers. One of the greatest advantages of this, from a consumer’s perspective, is having information available about the origin and growth of the plants you purchase.


Plants Toxic to Cats and Dogs - 12.04.12
Find out what plants are toxic to your loving pets.


Plants for Wet Soil - 06.04.12
Poor drainage is often produced in disturbed sites where heavy clay soil is compacted by construction machinery,; areas cultivated for plantings collect water running off the compacted ground (panning effect)...


Shade Tolerant Plants - 05.28.12
Shade gardening opens up a whole new world of beautiful and interesting plants for the gardener to discover!


Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Yard - 02.29.12
Keep in mind that hummingbirds are attracted to flower colors and nectar, not fragrance. Some cultivated hybrids produce less nectar than their wild counterparts, but they still make additions to your hummingbird habitat.


DEER - 02.09.12
While deer may be cute and bring back memories of Bambie frolicking in the forest with Flower and Thumper they can be the scourge of many a gardener.


Spring Bulb Planting Guide - 09.14.11
In fall, the selection of bulbs available to chase away the winter doldrums next spring is almost overwhelming. There are bulbs to create a formal garden, a splash of color for wooded areas or unexpected miniature flowers dancing across the lawn.


Indoor Bonsai Care - 08.01.11
Bringing a Bonsai plant into your home will provide a beautiful conversation piece, and is an interesting and unique part of gardening that not many people think they can tackle. It is really not very difficult to care for a Bonsai tree, read on for care tips!


With every tree, shrub, annual or perennial purchase at our store, you will recieve a planting guide to help you new addition thrive in your yard. If you happen to misplace your planting guide, we have provided a downloadable version.


Adding a Pond to Your Yard or Garden - 07.11.11
Find out how to turn your yard into a beautiful water garden - where you can add fish, beautiful water plants, waterfalls, fountains, statues and more!


Testing and Adjusting Soil pH Levels - 07.11.11
Plants require varying degrees of soil acidity to thrive. Find out how to test your soil's pH level and adjust it according to your needs.


View planting and harvesting information for a variety of vegetables.


Landscaping Material Conversion Calculators - 07.11.11
View our conversion charts to learn how much landscaping material you need.


Grass Seed Tips - 04.09.11
Learn tips and information on when and how to best plant grass seed.


Starting Your Own Seeds - 01.20.11
A great way to experience the joys of gardening all year long is to start your own annuals, perennials or vegetables at home.


Holiday Plant Care - 12.01.10
Learn how to care for your holiday plants and keep them looking their best.


Poinsettia Care - 11.24.10
Learn how to best take care of your poinsettia plants.


Tips for Fall Gardening - 09.29.10
Fall is the time to transplant, divide and give away perennials that you have in abundance.


Brighten Up Your Fall Garden - 08.18.10
If your landscaping around your house is a little on the green side this time of year brighten it up by filling in some space with perennials, grasses and shrubs that will burst with color late in the season.


Moles vs Voles - 07.07.10
Many people who think they have moles actually have voles. They look like little mice and eat vegetation. They are active day and night and all year round.


ROSES - 06.17.10
Many people think that roses are hard to keep or that you need to have a special garden just for roses, yet they can be easy to grow and beautifully incorporated into shrub or perennial borders.


Creeping Phlox is a spring blooming ground cover that looks like a carpet of color in the landscape.


Gardening with Clay Soils and Wet Sites - 04.20.10
Gardening and landscaping at homes where there is clay soil can be a challenge. There are two easy ways to have a healthy, beautiful and successful landscape.


Hally Jolivette Cherry - 04.12.10
This is a beautiful little cherry tree with semi-double blossom that starts as pink buds opening to white flowers with pink eyes.


Creating a Butterfly Garden - 04.06.10
The image of the butterfly. It represents the beauty of nature, the oncoming of spring, metamorphosis and a change for the better.


Forsythia - 04.04.10
Forsythia is a common sight in Rochester this time of year. While everything else is still bare, Forsythia seems to just glow with bright yellow flowers.


EASTER PLANTS - 03.28.10
Many of the Easter plants that The Garden Factory grows in our greenhouses are hardy for the Rochester area and can be planted outside after you enjoy them for Easter.


BLACK WALNUT - 03.24.10
The Black Walnut tree (Juglans nigra) is an allelopathic plant. This means that it can suppresses the growth of many different types of plant.


Eranthis hyemalis, or Winter Aconite, is the first flower you will see showing it’s face in late winter sprouting up right through the early March dustings of snow.


Iris Bore Update - 02.20.10
The eggs of the Iris bore are laid on the leaves and the debris of leaves around the plant and over winter there.


LICHEN - 02.03.10
What is that weird looking stuff on the bark of my tree???


Diazinon, a chemical that is often used in our area to treat lawn grubs during late August, will no longer be produced for sale in New York State.